We support two completely different methods to withdraw your PED to Entropia Universe, our Live Withdraw method and our Discord Request method.

Live Withdraw

Not Currently Live

Live withdraws have no minimum PED requirement.

Please do not trade with any other character, only trade with Xanato Xan Kaso or Caimen Caimen Rochford. We will never ask you for items or PED during the withdraw process. There is no withdraw fee.

Schedule: Every Friday at 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time and Tuesdays 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time, we complete withdraws at Camp Icarus 2nd floor of the main building.

Simply copy and paste this in your chat box for a waypoint directly to us!

/wp [Calypso, 63239, 74424, 138, Entropia Crate Withdraw]

Discord On-Demand Request Withdraw

Join us on Discord.

Available almost 24/7. Post a message in the #withdraw channel of the Discord channel or DM Xanato or send an @mention in discord. Newly added, withdraw on any planet. Xanato will warp to your planet if not on Caly and bring the PED to you. Get a reduced warp rate of 30p. Withdraw fee waived for warp withdraws. Must be withdrawing at least 30p, warp fee will be deducted from your withdrawal total.

10 PED Minimum Withdraw Requirement

.20 PED Fee


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